DIY vs. Professional Pest Control

DIY vs. Professional Pest Control


Not all bug problems in your home require the work of a professional exterminator. Spotting a few pests around the home can be easily managed by DIY pest control without it becoming a bigger issue. But when is DIY pest control enough, and when is it time to call an exterminator? And if professional pest control treatments are often guaranteed to prevent pest infestations, why do some homeowners choose a DIY method instead? Continue reading to learn the differences between DIY pest control vs professional pest control treatments.

Reasons Some Homeowners Opt for DIY Pest Control

Professional pest control treatments, while effective, are not always necessary. Some homeowners in the U.S. choose to take small pest problems into their own hands for a number of reasons.

The cost

While professional exterminators can rid your home of annoying pests within a few short hours, some homeowners prefer to take the DIY route, instead. Often, the main reason for this is the cost. Many over-the-counter chemicals available at the supermarket claim they provide immediate results at a fraction of the cost of a professional exterminator, which can be an enticing offer for those working with a limited budget.

It takes less time

If there’s a spider crawling around your bedroom at night, you probably want it gone immediately. Many professional pest control companies are unable to provide pest control treatments on a 24/7 basis, and for just one bug, spending the time to make an appointment and wait for your pest technician to arrive isn’t worth the effort.

The instructions are easy

How difficult can it be to follow the directions on a bottle of Raid, right? For simple chemicals, like bug spray or boric acid, this logic holds true. These chemicals were made to be handled by homeowners with little to no training in proper pest control, so it’s a good idea to keep a bottle or two of these home-friendly chemicals in your garage or tool shed throughout the year.

You only have to treat the problem areas

It can seem unnecessary to spray your entire house when only your garage has been affected by bugs. By choosing a DIY pest control method, many homeowners believe they can spot-treat the infested rooms in their home, without having to spray chemicals around unaffected areas.

Benefits of Professional Pest Control

DIY pest control can be useful, as long as the bug problem is contained to just a few pests. However, there are a number of reasons why homeowners may want to opt for professional pest control treatments, instead.

It’s a long-term investment

Yes, quick DIY methods may save you more money upfront, but a professional pest control treatment will keep your home pest-free for months. This is in contrast to over-the-counter chemicals which may only scare off bugs for a few days, or worse, irritate the bugs in hiding and cause even more to come out of the woodworks.

It’s effective

Pest control technicians are trained in knowing the major problem areas for pest infestations, as well as lesser-known areas that still could be harboring families of harmful bugs. You might not know the importance of spraying the tops of your kitchen appliances or underneath large pieces of furniture, but a pest control technician will be able to properly administer the most up-to-date products that fit your home’s specific needs.

It’s hassle-free

Once you schedule an appointment with the exterminator, the treatment is out of your hands. The exterminator will arrive on-time, determine the best course of action for tackling the infestation, and request you leave for an allotted amount of time while the product settles. No wrestling with bottles of toxic chemicals required.

It prevents amateur mistakes

Handling highly potent chemicals requires the expertise of a trained professional. When homeowners attempt DIY pest control methods, they put themselves at risk for causing harm to their family, pets, and their home’s structure. If not followed precisely, many DIY pest control treatments can bring harmful chemicals into your home, and still not solve the existing pest infestation.




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