How to sponsor during the holidays – and keep our friends and relatives. :)

How to sponsor during the holidays – and keep our friends and relatives. 🙂

It is Christmas dinner. The conversation is positive. The family is in a good mood.

What a great time for a presentation about … our business!

We set up a flipchart at the end of the table and say:

“Now that you are all here, let me tell you about my business opportunity. And after this flipchart presentation, I have a company video for you to watch!”



There must be an easier way to help our friends and relatives want our opportunity, right?

Why not say something like:

  • “This year was okay, but I want next year to be better.”
  • “This year was boring. I want to make next year more interesting.”
  • “I need a change. I am tired of getting up early every day for a boring job.”

What happens?

Many will be thinking, “Hey, I feel that way too!”

And now we have open-minded people to continue the conversation with during our holidays. It is a lot easier when we talk with people who are self-motivated, looking for a change in their lives.

Getting fired isn’t so bad.

When looking for prospects, think about people who got fired from their jobs. Maybe they like to wake up late, hate commuting, have their own ideas about how to do things, and just want to be their own bosses.

They sound like great prospects to me.

What Smart Sponsors Do.

Feedback? We’ve gotten many comments, such as:

  • “So that is why my team disappeared.”
  • “This will solve their fear of talking to prospects.”
  • “Now I know the three questions I must ask them first.”

If we want to be network marketing professionals, we have to learn exactly how to be awesome sponsors.

Available in ebook and paperback.
The Networker Zone podcast episode on “Ice Breakers” is now available!

If someone asks about your product/service/opportunity, what do you say?

Is your response easy to understand? Does it create instant prospects?

We’ll discuss:

  • Specific ice breakers for your product, service or opportunity.
  • How to make prospects lean forward and ask for more information.
  • Using benefits vs features (what’s in it for them).
  • 3 easy-to-use formulas to create ice breakers for any occasion.
  • Plus an optional close for introverts.

Enjoy the upcoming weekend!

Keith & Tom “Big Al” Schreiter


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Why do people do this to us?

Why do people do this to us?

We show prospects our products, services, and opportunity. And what do they do?

Resist. Poke holes in our offering. Look for reasons to turn us down.

Sound normal? Well, it is normal.

Humans want freedom of choice. When we push our offerings on them, they feel like we are taking away their freedom. This prompts them to resist us.

An easier way to disarm this automatic response is to offer options. When prospects feel that they have control of their options, they open their minds and look for ways that our options can work for them.

We want our prospects looking for reasons why, and not looking for reasons why not.

An easy way to communicate these options?

“So what is going to be easier for you?

“Taking advantage of my offering, or keeping your life the same?”

This takes the pressure off our prospects. They won’t feel like we are taking their freedom away.

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Tip Tuesday: Keep It Simple!

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Introducing our stories.

“Once upon a time” is a great story opening … for children’s fairy tales, but not for our business. So what can we say to signal to our prospects that we are about to tell a story?

“When I was young …”
“Let me tell you what happened to …”
“On my way to see you today, I …”
“When you use our products, here is what happens.”

We might be just one book away from changing our lives.

What could be more important than rapport?

Influence, of course.

When we have influence, prospects want to align themselves with us. That is why influential people can sponsor large groups immediately.

But what if we are not influential? No problem. We can learn how to become influential.

Here is the step-by-step book on creating influence for our network marketing business.

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The next person we meet could change our lives forever. Have fun meeting new people this weekend.

Keith & Tom “Big Al” Schreiter


Pre-Launch – Join for f.ree today!

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100 dollars could make you up to a
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“I don’t believe a word you’re saying.”

“I don’t believe a word you’re saying.”

So how do we overcome the disbelief of our skeptical prospects?

By using the first few seconds to build solid trust, and rapport.

The easiest way is to start with a fact our prospect believes. Then our prospect thinks, “Yeah. You and I think the same. You must be a genius just like me!”

Some examples:

  • It is hard to get by on one paycheck.
  • Two paychecks are better than one.
  • Growing old really hurts.
  • We like taking good care of our skin.
  • Commuting to work takes so much time.
  • Job security isn’t what it used to be.
  • Our utility bills keep going up and up.
  • Our credit scores are important.

We will notice our prospect’s head nodding. This means we have an open mind to talk to.

When prospects are skeptical, we waste our time. If our prospects don’t believe the good things we say, we fail.

Free Zoom call trainings.

Each week, Keith does an open-to-the-public free Zoom call training for 20 minutes on one of the skills. If you would like to listen or participate, you can register here:

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The options paradox.

Humans claim they want lots of options. But the reality is different.

The human brain prefers fewer options.

What is the minimum amount of options needed to make something an option? Two.

We will get the best results if we offer these two options:

  1. Our wonderful opportunity.
  2. Or to keep their life the same.
Tired of listening to all those “rags to riches” stories of successful networkers?

This can be frustrating when we don’t have the same success.

So instead of being frustrated, let’s look at the common lesson from all of these success stories. Ready?

“The only thing that held them back from success was something they didn’t know … yet.”

This is why we should learn something new every day. We can read a chapter of a book, listen to an audio, or attend a virtual training. It is what we don’t know now that holds us back.

Think about it. If we already knew what we didn’t know, we would already be where we wanted to be.

How to earn big money in network marketing.

Learning the skills is necessary, but what are we going to use our skills for?

  1. Building distributors?
  2. Or building leaders?

The answer is obvious.

Here is the book with a step-by-step process for building network marketing leaders:

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Enjoy the weekend!

Keith & Tom “Big Al” Schreiter

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As we have discussed earlier that MLM marketing is also
referred to as Network Marketing and as the name implies it
has multiple number of people (and/ or networks)
marketing a product to the consumers. In very simple words
under multiple-level marketing a company employees a sales
representative (sometimes referred to as a distributor, an affiliate
or an associate) who performs the following basic tasks,
Firstly getting customers and generating sales.
Secondly generating, recruiting and training other people
as sales reps to get customers or generate sales.
Let’s discuss in detail how the Multi-Level marketing model
The following four step model will demonstrate how a multilevel marketing model works:
• • •
MLM Success Guide 7
• STEP I: Sales Representatives gets the customers
Initially the MLM Company appoints a sales representative and /
or distributor whose primary motive is to sell the product or service
to the prospective customers. The initial number of customers he
has to get varies with the company’s plan and commission
structure. But it is usually better to get as many customers as the
person can retain effectively and can make repeat sales to them.
Also if your company’s payment structure is more rewarding
towards training people to get more customers than as a MLM
marketer you should limit your efforts towards getting a few
customers first at this stage and than focus on next stage that is
getting them trained to promote sales. This strategy is well
appropriate for companies who pay you to “duplicate your self”.
• STEP II: Train and recruit a person as a sales representative:
After generating a few customers and making sales to them as
done by normal direct marketing or direct sales, a multi-level
marketer next job is to train a person to act as sales representative
and to convince him to bring more prospects and generate more
sales for the company. This person would be called your downline.
Here your role is of a recruiter rather than a retailer or distributor.
• STEP III: You teach the rep to train and recruit another
person as sales rep:
Once your sales rep get enough number of customers at will
and generates sufficient sales, it is time for you to train them to
get a sales rep. Your job as a leader has now multiple
dimensions such as gener-ating further sales, training people to
become sales rep and training the sales rep to train future
people as sales rep. The focus of your efforts will again depends
on your commission plan, you as a marketer would off course
concentrate your efforts where you can get higher commissions.
• • •
• STEP IV: Repeat the above steps to generate a chain:
Once you recruit and train your sales rep to train further
people and generate more customers, now you can recruit
another sales rep and follow the same procedure making a
network of distributors within you downline. This is the reason
why it is called multi-level or network marketing and hence
companies through MLM tactics cannot only generate reliable
customers but also can get its products and/ or services to
masses of people with minimal costs and in a rela-tively shorter
period of time as compared to the tradition marketing methods.
The above procedure well explains the MLM model but is it
always that easier to get as it appears? Or how is it possible for
a company to promote MLM marketing? A well-designed
compensa-tion plan is the only answer to the above questions.
In our next chapter we will discuss guidelines to develop an
effective compensa-tion plan.

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How the Pandemic Has Changed Real Estate in 2020

Rich Dad Poor Dad Daily

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Dear Reader,

In the early summer of 2005, I sent a warning to the Rich Dad community that the real estate market was cooling down. After all, we know that all booms go bust eventually, and every party comes to an end.

While many readers thanked me for the words of caution, many others sent me “hate” mail. An angry real estate broker called me and said, “Are you trying to ruin my business?”

The angry readers should draw insight from something Warren Buffett said: “For some reason, people take their cues from price action rather than from values.

What doesn’t work is when you start doing things that you don’t understand or because they worked last week for someone else.” The sage of Omaha sums up pithily: “The dumbest reason in the world to buy a stock is because it’s going up.”

Personally, I would say, “The dumbest reason to buy anything is that the price is going up.” Yet that’s what people do when they invest. They generally don’t buy high-priced things when they shop.

This is what has been happening for the last few years in real estate. The market has been climbing and climbing largely due to a strong economy, low unemployment, and record-low interest rates.

But this all changed when the coronavirus pandemic hit this past March.

We all know a real estate crash is coming. The problem is we don’t know when. I’ve been saying that real estate has been in a bubble—much like everything else—and that it will take only one little event to burst the bubble.

During periods of high prices and volatility, it’s even more important to pay attention to value, more than price. Yet, it’s one of the toughest things to do especially when prices are volatile in either direction. It’s difficult to resist the urge to sell when prices are dropping and buy when they’re rising.

We are in a time that most of us have never experienced making real estate an unpredictable asset class at this time.

Below are a few considerations that will affect real estate for the remainder of 2020.

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We’ve had almost six years of increasing home rates and higher interest rates for the past two years. It has been challenging for all types of homebuyers these days.

With that said, affordability is forcing many to move back in with family, or to a state that has more affordable housing.

For example, in Phoenix, AZ where I live, affordability was already a problem prior to coronavirus. It was reported in early April that 65% of Phoenix residents couldn’t afford housing And according to the “Los Angeles Times,” it is estimated that “as many as 30% of Americans with home loans—about 15 million households—could stop paying if the U.S. economy remains closed through the summer or beyond.”

Student loan debt and skyrocketing housing prices were to blame for millennials planning to rent forever. 12% of millennials plan to “always rent” and the majority cited affordability being the issue.

So with millions out of work, businesses still shut down, and no end in sight, it is unknown what the actual aftermath will be.

Migration Patterns

Prior to the coronavirus outbreak, real estate was already seeing the effects of migration from one state to another. It’s a natural thing. When the cost of living goes up, people move elsewhere.

Big cities were already losing population. For example, New York has lost a net 1.4million residents since 2010. Nearly 181,000 in 2018-19 alone. Because of the coronavirus, many people are leaving high-density areas for fear of catching the virus. Additionally, many people are returning to their home states because they are being forced to move back in with their parents.

A combination of residents who had already planned to move out of high-density states like New York and those who are forced to move has accelerated the typical migration numbers that affect real estate.

Pay attention to migration patterns of both retirees and millennials, these trends will create supply and demand imbalances in certain areas which can often be very helpful for your investment choices.

Retirement marks a new phase in a baby boomer’s life, and it seems only natural to relocate or move to a new home when they transition away from their primary career, or from the day-to-day rearing of school-aged children. Historically people have also moved to areas with moderate climates, like California, Arizona, and Florida. Oftentimes people are tied to certain areas due to family and jobs until they retire, then they decide where they want to live.

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“Work from Home”

Once packed business campuses are all but ghost towns. Now more than ever, commercial real estate is feeling the ripple effects of the pandemic.

Commercial real estate used to be the playground for the rich. Now, empty buildings are causing great concerns for investors.

The major cause of fear is that there is still so much uncertainty in the market. Some experts predict that “work from home” for many businesses is here to stay as they’ve been able to continue business-as-usual while their employees set up home offices.

Very early on, Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter, announced that they would be able to continue to work from home as long as they see fit.

At Rich Dad, our team is still working from home and only coming to the office to pick up mail or record a radio show.

Obviously things are subject to change for many of these companies. But for now, the outlook for commercial real estate is unknown.


I’ve said many times that I love market crashes because that’s the best time to buy— finding true value is a lot easier during such periods. And during a crash many people start selling so they’re more willing to negotiate and make you a better deal. Although a crash is the best time to buy, the market’s high pessimism also makes it a tough time to do so.

I remember buying gold at $275 an ounce in the late 1990s. Although I knew it was a great value at that price, the so-called experts were calling gold a “dog” and advised that everyone should be in high-tech and dot-com stocks. Today, with gold above $1800 an ounce, those same experts are now recommending gold as a percentage of a well-diversified portfolio. Talk about expensive advice.

My point is that this current period is a tough time to buy or sell. Real estate is high, interest rates are still relatively low, the stock market is very shaky, the U.S. dollar is low, gold is high, oil and gas are high, and there’s a lot of money looking for a home.

So the lesson is: As I said in the beginning, now, more than ever, it’s important to focus on value, not price. When prices are low, finding value is easy. When prices are high, value is a lot harder to find—which means you need to be smarter, more cautious, and resist your knee-jerk reactions.

A reminder from Warren Buffett: “It’s only when the tide goes out that you learn who’s been swimming naked.” In my opinion, there are many naked swimmers, especially in the real estate market.


Robert Kiyosaki

Robert Kiyosaki
Editor, Rich Dad Poor Dad Daily

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Want Answers For Your Debt Consolidation Problems We Have Them

One of the best things you can do in terms of restoring your peace of mind is to improve your financial situation. Debt consolidation is one excellent way to reach this goal, but how exactly does it work? What is debt consolidation? The purpose of this article is to tell you just that.

Look to see if a debt consolidation company’s counselors are qualified. Are they properly certified? Are they backed by a reputable company that will be there if something goes wrong? It’s vital to use a company that is reputable and has a history of satisfied customers.

Make sure to ask about the debt consolidation company’s privacy policy before getting involved with them. What will they do to ensure your information is kept confidential? Get a copy of their privacy policy and read over it before making any decisions. If you spot something you do not like, move on to another company.

Talk to friends, family and coworkers. You aren’t the only one with money problems, and chances are that someone you know already has some experience with debt consolidation. This is a great way for you to find a company you can trust, so that you can avoid using a less than reputable company.

A non-profit debt consolidation agency is not necessarily a better option. Regardless of the status of your debt consolidation agency, contact the Better Business Bureau to make sure it is a legitimate business. If you find that some complaints have been filed or come across some bad reviews online, find another option.

If you have a life insurance policy, you may could possibly borrow the money against your policy. Even though you are not required to pay back the amount, it is recommended that you do. Whatever amount you withdraw will be deducted from the final amount paid to your beneficiaries.

If you make the decision to consolidate high interest debts such as credit card balances into a different obligation, do your absolute best not to begin racking up new debt until the consolidated amount is repaid. If you are doing nothing more than moving debts to different places while continuing to spend, you will not reap the benefits that debt consolidation really can provide.

With the current low home mortgage interest rates, you may be able to refinance your home and take out some of the equity. Be careful to avoid borrowing as much as possible on your new mortgage. If home values should drop even more, you may end up owning a home that is less than the amount you owe on it.

There is no harm in comparison shopping for consolidation loans. The fact is that some financial institutions, or friends and family, may offer you a better rate than others. Whether it is a line of credit, mortgage, credit card or loan, compare the interest rate and terms and figure out which is the best bet.

Many of us struggle with our finances. It is easy to let debt spiral out of control, and gaining control can be difficult. Debt consolidation can make the process easier and can provide you with much needed peace of mind. It’s worked for thousands of people – try it and see if it works for you!


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Valuable Insight On Achieving Home-Business Success

Throughout your life, you will have ample opportunity to really do something special and stake your claim. Whether or not you decide to take advantage of the opportunities out there, is up to you. But if you want to start making something better for yourself, you should check out these home business tips and use them to build a solid career.

Make sure you groom and dress for work, no matter where you are working. Developing this habit will help get you into a productive frame of mind at the start of each work session. It also means, you will be ready to conduct business outside the house at a moment’s notice.

If you want to market something and you are not sure what, make it something you use. Selecting a product that will be successful involves thinking about people’s needs. If it would improve your life, it would probably improve the lives of many other people.

Offer your different customers special incentives for taking the time to refer friends to your services. This type of marketing is the best for any business type. Incentives tend to boost loyalty from existing clients.

Keep separate business checking accounts and business credit cards it makes it much easier to track money and you’ll surely appreciate that at tax time. If you are on a shoestring budget, keep meticulous records and your needs are simple (i.e. sole proprietor), this may be optional. Get final advice from a trusted Certified Public Accountant.

Check with your city hall or the city planning office to learn if there are any zoning regulations that will inhibit you from starting your home business. You may find yourself being ordered to cease operations down the road if you are breaking any of the zoning laws in the area.

To make your business more visible, use the proven, successful methods of search engine optimization. SEO, or search engine optimization, can help you market your online business and build a better online presence. There are many professional guidelines for using SEO, and they can help you get started.

You are likely going to need to get a domain name for your home business then you will be required to get a hosting account that is going to be reliable for you. Shop around to learn as much as possible about the different hosts that are available to find the one that is going to work well.

Whenever possible, use your business credit card. When you travel, eat out, and have other minor expenses, using your business credit card will keep cash in your hands and defer the payment. Using a credit card also helps to build miles or points on your card which can later be redeemed.

Making a better life for you and the people you love, should be a top priority of anyone out there. A home business can help you to do just that, but it isn’t something you can do without any help at all. Make sure that you use this advice to help build your overall business plan. Here’s to your continued success in business!


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Debt Consolidation Advice You Should Be Using by homeprofitcoach

Solving the issue of overwhelming outstanding debt can sometimes seem like an impossibility. However, as long as you take the time to teach yourself about debt consolidation options and concepts, there really is hope. Continue reading to find out what to watch for and what you can do to ensure a promising financial tomorrow.

Following debt consolidation, budgeting your money wisely will help you keep future debt to a minimum. Most people get in over their heads by over spending with credit cards, so learn to work with money you have rather than borrowing. Doing this will also make it easier to pay off your debt consolidation loans and improve your credit score.

Debt consolidation works best when applied to credit cards. If you have significant balances on various cards, you’re probably paying way too much in interest and could benefit greatly from a debt consolidation loan. See if you can’t combine all of the debt into one payment with a favorable interest rate, and limit your credit card spending once that is accomplished.

Be careful with the terms of collateral for any debt consolidation loan you apply for. Many times these types of loans will include a clause about your home, should you default on payments. Obviously, this could put you at serious risk should circumstances make meeting your loan payment difficult. Keep your home out of any loan agreement, and read the fine print.

Prior to making any debt consolidation decisions, look at the privacy policy of the company you are considering. You’ll be giving this company a lot of your personal financial information, and what they are allowed to use it for is a really big deal. Never assume in this instance. Look to that privacy policy to know the real situation.

When it comes to dealing with debt consolidation, make sure that you relax. This practice is very common and will help improve your finances when all is said and done. You have the opportunity to lower monthly fees, lower high interest, eliminate late fees, put a stop to those harassing phone calls, and eventually become debt free. You can bounce back from this, but you must keep calm and pay attention to your payment plan.

When you are consolidating debt, you must try to renegotiate with your creditors. Whether you are choosing to try and do this yourself first or have enlisted the help of a debt consolidation company, renegotiation is key to saving you a lot of money when paying off your debt.

If you are looking for a debt consolidation program, consider searching the Internet. Many sites on the Internet offer you the chance to shop various lenders in order to find the best interest rates and terms with one application process. This can simplify things, and help you to find a plan that really works for you.

If you are struggling with seemingly insurmountable debt, you are not alone. But, you should also realize that there really are debt consolidation opportunities that can help a great deal. With any luck, the advice above has shown you what to guard against and what to look for when making these types of financial decisions.

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SAVING 22 Home Security Tips for the Holiday Season


22 Home Security Tips for the Holiday Season

22 Home Security Tips for the Holiday Season


Content Sponsored by SimpliSafe

Christmas is just around the corner! You’re probably preparing to travel over the river and through the woods to exchange gifts and spend time with loved ones.
As you get ready to celebrate, there’s one thing that should be at the top of your check-it-twice list: Figuring out how to secure your home from bah-humbug burglars who want to steal more than your holiday cheer.

Think back to glorious 1990 and the movie Home Alone. (Yep, we think the fact it came out over 20 years ago is scary too.) We’re not saying you need to tar the steps, heat the doorknobs, put cutouts of Michael Jordan in the windows, and release the tarantula—but there are some easy steps you can take to protect your home, family and memories.

1. Get to know your neighbors (especially the nosey ones).

Okay, we know some neighbors are quirky and some might be annoying—especially when they blow leaves and grass all over your driveway. But there has to be one neighbor you can ask to look out for deliveries, newspapers and the trash can. Remember Old Man Marley in Home Alone? He scared Kevin at the start, but they were friends by the end! So muster up some courage (and cookies) and ask a neighbor for a hand.


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2. Find out about the neighborhood watch in your area.

Did you know Facebook hosts a national neighborhood watch page that’s a division of the National Sheriffs’ Association? Check it out to see if your area has a group (which could be really helpful while you’re away). You could also reach out to your community’s homeowners association.

3. Get packages shipped to your workplace.

Or at least track them so you can tell that friendly neighbor when to pick them up. That way they’re not piling up on your porch and announcing you’re not home to the world.

4. Shovel the snow from your driveway.

If a burglar is scoping out your neighborhood and sees your driveway hasn’t been cleared (when everyone else has done theirs), they might think you’re away. Give a neighbor’s kid the chance to earn some festive commission. And maybe give them a little extra if they build an awesome snowman. Nothing says “We’re home for the holidays!” like a fresh snowman in the front yard. Now that’s festive and effective.

5. If you live in an apartment, get to know management and maintenance staff.

Not only will you recognize them if they come knocking, but they’re also more likely to remember you (and help out!) if you need them. Why not bake some cookies to show them a little love? And if you live in a ground floor apartment, double-check that your windows and porch doors are locked and your curtains are drawn.

6. Don’t showcase expensive items.

We get it: There’s nothing like seeing that Christmas tree twinkling in the front room. But those big, boxed gifts around it? That’s like window shopping to the Wet Bandits. Move those presents out of sight from people creeping by and looking for easy pickings.

7. Make it sound like someone is home.

Timers on your indoor lights? Check. Timers on the outside lights? Check! Lights are the obvious things to remember here, but think about sound too. Try setting up a clock radio or iPad near the front door and time it to turn on during the day. If your TV can be seen from outside, link it to your smartphone to turn on while you’re away.

8. Change up your spare key hiding spots.

It’s handy to have a spare key outside in case you get locked out. But how easy is it to find? Try thinking of obvious places a burglar would look. Is it under the flower pot or on top of the door frame? Too easy. But buried under the third shrub from the right? Now that’s better. Get creative if you’re keeping a key outside.

9. Make a spare key inventory.

We’ve all gotten a little too happy with key cutter kiosks at the store every once in a while—but now everyone from Aunt Betsy to second cousin Stu has a key to your place! And Aunt Betsy might not have the best memory when it comes to where she leaves things. Take a moment to write down who has a spare key and who really needs one, and make sure they’re all accounted for.

10. Put combination locks on your shed and backyard fence.

This one’s simple: If your garden shed is home to expensive tools and equipment, you need a lock on the door. Same goes for your backyard fence.

11. Make sure your garage is locked.

Raise your hand if you don’t lock the door that leads to your garage when you leave. It’s an easy one to forget! And what about leaving the garage door opener inside your car . . . while it’s parked in the driveway for days on end? Guilty as charged. You should always make sure to bring garage door openers inside with you, otherwise you’re giving burglars an invitation to waltz right on in and shut the door behind them.

12. Trim trees and overgrown shrubs so there’s less cover for thieves.

Trees can give you private, cozy seclusion—and that’s great for you. But it’s also great for thieves who want to hide from security lights or watchful eyes of neighbors.

13. Try to rob your own home.

This sounds nuts, but hear us out! Remember when we talked about being creative with hiding your spare key? Well, spend some time trying to get into your own home. You want to find yourself saying things like, “The freakin’ fence is locked!” or “Oh, the windows are locked too,” and “I see a light and can hear a TV—someone’s home!” If you’re thinking it, then a pesky thief probably will too and give up.

14. Don’t share too much on social media.

It’s never a good idea to overshare on Facebook, but it’s a really bad idea to advertise your travel plans to everyone. If you’re just dying to post a selfie of your feet dipped in the ocean, wait until you get home! Check out more tips on prepping for travel in our Ultimate Travel Checklist.

15. Do you have a family password?

To keep your kids safe during those times they’re home alone (and older than Kevin McCallister), establish a family password. This is a word or phrase that only you and your kiddos know. It can be shared with close family and friends as needed, but it’s meant to keep strangers out.

16. Don’t hide cash under your mattress.

Or in the freezer. Or the cookie jar. Or the million other places cash-hungry crooks look when they bust into a joint. Keep it in a safe, bank or mutual fund!

17. Shred documents you don’t need.

Because it’s not just the obvious things like electronics or jewelry that a burglar will swipe. Your mail and personal details with your Social Security number, driver’s license, and date of birth are rich pickings for identity thieves.

18. Lock your safe.

If you have a safe somewhere in your house, make sure it’s locked with those important documents (like birth certificates) and family heirlooms tucked inside before you travel. Oh, and make sure you bolt that sucker down so it can’t be carried away.

19. Take pictures of all your valuables.

This is an old insurance trick. Take a quick shot of your jewelry, art, tools, electronics, furniture or anything else that might tempt a burglar. This helps you remember what was taken if someone breaks in, but it’ll also help the insurance company process your claim. To find the best home insurance coverage, check out Dave’s recommended local providers.

20. Get references for any service professionals.

Make sure the housekeeper, gardener, plumber or HVAC guy is the real deal before you call them to take care of something in your home. The only person visiting your house without a reference should be Santa! Just watch out for those creepy little elves that sit on the shelves—we hear they can get just about anywhere.

21. Be aware of what you’re throwing away.

Picture the scene: The presents have been unwrapped, the gizmos and gadgets are ready to be played with, but the living room looks like the aftermath of a Christmas war. You’re tempted to stack the boxes and packaging at the curb just to claim your living room back. Stop! You don’t want to advertise those awesome gifts to shady characters circling the block looking for their next score, do you?

Break boxes into smaller pieces and put them in recycling or trash bags. Then wait to put those bags out on pick-up day. Or you could even take a trip to the recycling center yourself!

22. Install a home security system.

You’re probably wondering why this isn’t at the start of the list. Well, all of these tips are important to consider (and you could never go wrong putting them into action). But if you had to choose just one for your best line of defense, a home security system would be it.

That’s why we recommend securing your home with SimpliSafe. With zero annoying contracts and easy customization and installation, it’s exactly what your home needs without paying for the stuff it doesn’t need. Plus, a home security system can shave some bucks off your home insurance premium—and we’re all about saving money.

About SimpliSafe

SimpliSafe, Inc. provides wireless security alarm systems, cameras and monitoring services for houses, apartment and other commercial properties.

Content sponsored by SimpliSafe

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