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The Importance of Planning
The importance of planning cannot be stressed enough. Consider the dot-com
failures in 2000 as an example. Many of the companies that failed did so, at
least in part, because of poor planning. Not knowing the market, the
competition, and the environment of business were just a few of the factors
that could have been addressed and avoided with proper planning. Therefore it
is essential in today’s world of Internet Marketing that planning be conducted
thoroughly. Consider the following as steps in your plan.
Research is the first key step in the process. You must know your product, your
company’s competitors, your target market, and the capacities of each. When
planning you should be able to list both the benefits and the potential
disadvantages of the product or service you are selling.
Through planning at this stage you can avoid the potential problems associated
with a product deficiency by developing ways to correct or even compensate
for that deficiency.
Deciding what type of campaign you will run is very important as well. What is
your budget? What is your staffing need? What will be the time-frame for the
marketing campaign? These and other questions, some of which will depend
solely on your unique situation, should be asked and answered at this point of
the planning process. With the information laid out in front of you, it will be
much easier to see just what limitations and hurdles you may have to
overcome in order to effectively launch and carry out your marketing
campaign. Also, don’t forget, this is a company-wide effort. Marketing staff
should not be the only staff involved. Interdepartmental communication is
Once you have your campaign up and running, be sure to monitor its impact.
Various methods exist for monitoring the effectiveness of a marketing
campaign. However, be sure to rely on the most important of all means first:
sales and customer feedback. No matter what business you are in, these two
factors will exist in one form or another, and they are crucial pieces of data you
can use to fine-tune your strategy.
When the campaign is over, perform an exhaustive review of the entire process
from beginning to end. Look for any signs of trouble, and also for points of
excellence, and make note of them for your next campaign. Marketing is a
learning process every time you do it, and only by noting what went right and
wrong last time will you know where to place your focus next time.
While this is a very compact overview of the process, one common thread
must be sewn throughout: Be aware, at every step in the process, of the
strengths and weaknesses of the company, of your staff, of the product, and of
the market. Only through this awareness can you make an effective plan, and
only through effective planning will you succeed in Internet Marketing

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